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Up and Coming Band from Austin, Texas

Kae Astra is an up and coming band from the Austin, Texas area, who have garnered a considerable following since their inception. They have been playing shows for many of their fans around the world. Their discography has expanded to include their very own sound as well as that of many other local and international artists as well known national and international DJ’s. They have gained both the popularity and the notoriety that they have been looking for in order to take their music to as many places as possible.

You may be asking yourself what exactly makes Kae Astra such a unique band from the Austin music scene. Many people might tell you it is their unique take on popular music. They are a fusion of many musical styles such as folk, alternative, country, pop, and punk. They are a new and exciting band whose members all combine with tongue in cheek yet catchy tunes to create a sound that has not yet been heard on this side of the pond.

Pulled by the creativity of their music

I saw them a while back at a local music venue and while they were playing their set I really got the feeling that this was going to be something really special. Kae Astra seem to draw their sound from a variety of influences and blend them together to create something that is truly unique and individual. What sets them apart from other bands in this genre is they allow their sound to come across as genuine. They are fun, creative, original, and quite appealing to a wide range of people.

Not only does Kae Astra have their own unique sound, but they also have a wide variety of talents that allow them to put out music that is truly impressive. Rob Stewart, the band’s singer/songwriter, sings with a very heartfelt and soulful tone that resonates with many people. His music has a quality that can match that of any professional voice artist that is available today. The band plays a wide range of songs that capture the essence of their music scenes in their entirety as well.

Plays across multiple venues

The group performs at small and large live music venues around the city as well as at radio stations and online. This has led to Kae Astra being extremely popular in the Austin music scene. The popularity of their live shows has led to them performing at various Austin nightclubs such as Mango’s and others as well as numerous radio station locations throughout the Austin area. This is a great thing because when you see a band perform live you get to hear the sounds of their instruments as well as their voices.

Their CD release!

This band has also released music on CD as well as various types of digital downloads. This gives you the opportunity to hear all of their material in the format that you like. They have a very catchy and memorable song called “We Real Cool” which is well worth checking out. You might just find this to be the perfect song for when you take a walk on the beach or go to the park.

One thing you will want to make sure of when you are listening to Kae Astra’s Austin Dreamy Synthpop music  is to keep track of the words that are used as you are dancing along to their music. A lot of the words are derived from their guitar riffs and the syllables that they use. This is something that you will definitely notice and you may even end up trying to learn some of their words as well.

You may be asking yourself how this group took to making an entire CD of music especially for an acoustic set. Well, they take their music very seriously as they have spent months working on their craft and have perfected it. Their main man is David Gutta who has been playing with this band for a while and has taken it to the next level. The quality of his voice is top notch and you will hear every note he uses as he sings these songs. He brings the crowd alive with his wonderful voice and skill.

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