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Permanent makeup is a tattoo that looks like your Sephora stitching, from brow pencil to liner. The operator uses a hollow needle to apply the color, just like in a regular tattoo parlor. It can be done with a manual blade or an electric tattoo instrument, depending on the process. In microblading, this entails using razor pmu products to create microscopic strokes that resemble original hair. Lip tint and blush, on the other hand, have the effect of tattooing the area with a pink or red shade. And, indeed, the liner is made up of black or brown pigments to coat the upper eyelid and sublimate the lashes.

How safe are permanent makeup products?

Permanent makeup can be perfectly safe, but there are various things to consider before getting started to avoid issues or infections. First and foremost, thoroughly search the studio. For example, follow their Instagram account to view before and after photographs, past DMs. It is to ensure that the artist is permitted to go through the procedure. Also, examine your dermis as you don’t have any allergies or ink sensitivity.

Finally, during the healing phase, be careful to look after your permanent makeup. But in general, you’ll want to keep the area covered with ointment for approximately a week and avoid getting it wet, up to three weeks. However, you can expect the same scabbing, peeling, and dehydration that comes with regular tattoos.

How long does permanent makeup exist?

While not as long-lasting as a back tattoo, it outlasts even the most dependable waterproofing solution. Permanent makeup will last for one to three years. Microblading requires many touch-ups; usually, you’ll need to return to the esthetician’s chair every 6 to 12 months to keep your results.

Permanent makeup product types:

1.    Micro-blading and shading

The most frequent permanent makeup service is eyebrow tattooing, also known as microblading and shading. To deposit pigment under the skin, it makes use of a very good microblade. These thin strokes have a hair-like look. Shading on separate hands is a technique for filling your brows with color and giving them a powdered texture. When these two procedures are combined, the result is a set of highly herbal and elegant brows.

2.    Eyeliner

Permanent makeup eyeliners, often known as eyeliner tattooing, are another popular pmu products. This service uses pigment to imitate the effect of eyeliner by applying it to the lash line.


Classic –

Just above the lash line, apply a conventional or “classic” eyeliner.

Cat Eye –

This eyeliner style adds a wing to your eyeliner, which many people prefer when they go out. It adds a touch of sexiness.

Eyelash Enhancement

It fills in the gaps between your lashes with pigment, giving them a fuller appearance.

3.    Lip blush

PMU Lip Blush has various names in the industry and among consumers, including lip tattoo, lip liner, lip tint, and blush. This specialized service deposits pigments in the lip area to improve the natural color of your lips and reshapes your lips to offer a definition and the illusion of fullness.

4.    PMU pigmentation

This PMU treatment is in a class of its own since the micro-pigmentation uses the same principle as cosmetics but applies it to the scalp. The use of pigment put into the scalp to give the illusion of hair follicles is known as scalp micro-pigmentation. This technique is particularly among bald or balding men and women who need to fill in their natural hair portions.

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