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The Wingmakers creation myth has been in a state of on-going development since 1998 and is being introduced to the world by way of an internet website. The creative force of the universe is called "First Source" and is described as a conscious force originating in a part of a multiverse beyond our local universe. In other words, the known universe was created by First Source as a sub-universe of some larger multiverse. The creation of life in our universe is described as having been a mult-step process in which a race of beings called "Wingmakers" were first created by First Source and then special "soul carriers" were designed which would allow spiritual fragments of First Source to be incarnated within our physical universe. According to this creation story, once our universe was created and planets like earth were "seeded" with soul carriers (biological organisms), natural evolutionary processes were allowed to take their course. Then, about 11,000 years ago, Wingmakers began to incarnate on Earth in order to start a process by which humans will regain spiritual contact with First Source.

The source of the Wingmakers creation myth is attributed to "James", a man who lives in New York. According to the Wingmakers mythology, many previous spiritual movements on Earth have been motivated by brief flashes of insight into the true nature of the multiverse, but it is only now, and increasingly in coming decades, that the scientific means will be found by which humans will be able to truly control access to First Source by means of enhanced interactions between physical bodies (soul carriers) and their associated souls (fragments of First Source). James claims to be an incarnated Wingmaker working to stimulate humans to participate in the scientific discovery of the humanoid soul. "Humanoid" is used in an all-inclusive way to refer to all life on Earth and other planets of the universe since the soul fragments of First Source make little distinction between various evolutionary forms of life. James predicts that by about 2075, humans on Earth will have discovered scientific proof of the soul and its links to First Source.

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