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Wikipedia is a free online, "open content" encyclopedia where anyone can contribute or edit material, and all material is released under the GNU Free Documentation Licence. These articles are free to use on any website under that license.

You can easily link to a wikipedia article from the EvoWiki like this: [[WikiPedia:Page title]], e.g. WikiPedia:EvoWiki (the EvoWiki article on wikipedia). You could even redirect a page to wikipedia with #REDIRECT [[WikiPedia:Page title]], like the Wiki articledoes.

The GNU FDL differs from our license but allows people to make derivative material on the condition that the derivative works are also released under the GNU FDL, so if you use articles from the Wikipedia, please add this code in the Acknowledgements:


It is the partial inspiration for the Evolution Education Wiki, although wikipedia philosophies such as "viewpoint neutrality" and open copyright might not be appropriate for EvoWiki and might be modified.

The URL for wikipedia is: http://www.wikipedia.org

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