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Walter ReMine

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Walter ReMine is an electrical engineer and an Intelligent Design theorist, best-known for his book The Biotic Message; also for his advance of Haldane's Dilemma, (an issue in evolutionary genetics he claims was never solved); and for his founding of Discontinuity Systematics, (now often practiced under the name "Baraminology").

Unlike most creationists, ReMine embraces testability as a requirement of scientific theories, and avoids all forms of religious argument. Also, to help make his points, he cites only leading evolutionists. Those methods differentiate him from many creationists.

ReMine's book, The Biotic Message, claims to illuminate various illusions about the data and evolutionary theory. It claims macroevolutionary theory is untestable, and therefore "unscientific" under the evolutionist's own criteria of science. The book also offers an alternative, a theory of intelligent design, called message theory, that explains the major patterns of life in a scientifically testable manner.

ReMine gave a brief summary of message theory in an online debate over molecular evidence of evolution with Dave Thomas, a debate co-hosted by the New Mexicans for Science and Reason and the Twin Cities Creation Science Association. According to him, "Message Theory" states:

Life is reasonably designed:

  1. for survival,
  2. to look like the product of one designer, and not multiple independent designers, and
  3. to resist all other explanations, including Darwin's, Lamarck's, Gould's, Syvanen's, Hoyle's, etc.

To his credit, Walter ReMine has put forth some testable hypotheses, rather than retreating into something like "we do not know what the creator would have created."

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