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Author: VindexUrvogel(JGK)
Article: What Creationism Is

Peter Blaise says: VindexUrvogel(JGK) is the author here of at least http://wiki.cotch.net/index.php/What_Creationism_Is or What_Creationism_Is, an opinion piece, perhaps a treatise or call to arms concerning both the non-scientific approach of some self-labeled creation scientists, but also hinting at possible hidden agendas behind some people who advocate for creationism to be considered authoritative over scientific, social and educational policies and practices.
     Please discuss this author's points on the discussion/talk page behind the main article page at http://wiki.cotch.net/index.php/Talk:What_Creationism_Is or Talk:What_Creationism_Is, and also expand as appropriate here on this user page and also behind this page at the discussion/talk age http://wiki.cotch.net/index.php/User_talk:VindexUrvogel%28JGK%29 or User_talk:VindexUrvogel(JGK)
     So we now have 4 places to expand this particular dialog:
     Of course, PLEASE revisit this page and add links to other places around the web, or library / book references, that you think enhance and inform our ability to clarify our communications on this subject. Perhaps the user pages are the best place for "meta" discussions, that is, discussions about the main discussion. The goal is to enhance and support extended dialog, not suppress or censor or censure anyone.
Click! Love and hugs, Peter Blaise Peterblaise 15:59, 30 June 2007 (BST)

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