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Michael Edward Suttkus, II is a long standing fan of science in general and biology in particular. He's been debating creationists online since the February 14, 1999, when a creationist on an unrelated forum informed us that all dinosaur bones were faked with the following logic (not a direct quote):

If you look at dinosaur bones in museums, you'll see that some of them aren't the same color as the others. These, the museum will admit, were missing from the fossil, so had to be made to fill in the gaps. But, if they can make some of the bones, they can make all of the bones! So, there's no reason to believe in dinosaurs.

And, obviously, if there are no dinosaurs, there is no evolution! What could be plainer?

I joined the EvolveCreate group at Onelist (which became eGroups which became YahooGroups) and have been arguing with creationists ever since.

He's recently been diagnosed with diabetes, which has done absolutely nothing to convince him that his genetic code was designed by any kind of intelligence. Since he's not allowed sugar, he's now MUCH more cranky. Be warned.



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