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Theistic Evolution

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Theistic evolution is the concept that evolution is the pen God used when he wrote the 'Book of Life'. The vast majority of Christians have no problem with this concept; it seems to be rejected mostly by another group of Christians who feel that the Bible is 100% literal, historical Truth in every word.

There is a continuum between theistic evolution and evolutionary creationism, the belief that things evolve but that God intervenes and directs evolution towards a goal (i.e. Humanity). The term deistic evolution has also been proposed to describe the model in which God(s) started creation, but do not interfere in any way.

Famous theistic evolutionists included Asa Gray, Darwin's correspondent [1], and Henry Drummond, whose Ascent of Man [2] was a popular apologetic work of the 1890s. Among modern proponents of theistic evolution are theologian John Haught, evolutionary biologist Michael Ruse (although he is an Agnostic he supports the idea that religion and science are compatible), astronomer Howard J Van Till and astrophysicist Bernard Haisch who wrote the book The God Theory, which argues that the physical laws of the universe reveal that the universes suitability to life is not the result of chance but is a logical development.[3][4]

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