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The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved! Part 8

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Continued from part 7


Ham is NOT God!

Everyone must always keep in mind that Ham, like all humans, is not God! He has no authority to boss Christians around and make them the way he wants them to be as well as to judge people and decide on whether or not a person goes to either Heaven or Hell! He, like all YECs, is just a normal human being who has rights and privileges just as we do in the good old US of A. He's only practicing his right to free speech just like you and me. In America, just like everybody else, including all other YECs, Ham has the right to say what he wants to say, express what he wants to express, and believe what he wants to believe regardless of whether his sayings, expressions, and beliefs are true or false and offends and disagrees people or not. Ham and all other YECs has the right to live what he wants to live and be what he wants to be. That however is no excuse for lying in God's name, abusing the Bible and the Christian faith, judging and condemning others hypocritically, slandering, harassing, shoving YE teachings down other people's throats, and tearing down Christian and non-Christian people who oppose his views.

Major Derailment of the Subject

Now Ham goes completely off the wall, starting on page 78 and ending on page 95, where he deliberately derails and throws away the dinosaur subject, and gets into the 5 Ds, dangerous, deplorable, destructive, denigrating, degenerating form of preaching, rambling subjects that's entirely irrelevant to the study of dinosaurs while playing the self-righteous man who preaches about what people should do to have a "happy marriage" and live a "righteous life," his way. Only are they all coming from his head and nowhere else while hiding great multitudes of flaws behind them as well as using empty scare tactics and branding evolution as a scapegoat behind all the world's troubles and ills. Believe me what you'll see in Ham's dungy book is what you'll never, ever see in real, authentic dinosaur books that always stay on the right track and never, ever, not even for once, derail the subject on the science of dinosaurs.

It don't matter

Page 78 asks, “Why does it matter?” Answer: It DON'T! It don't matter at all. All it does is mislead, deceive, and bring the hapless to a web of lies, slander, and denial to name a few things that will go wrong. Ham claims that the purpose of this book is to show that the evolutionist's teachings on dinosaurs cannot be defended, while in fact, it CAN with scores of hard core evidence and tons of common sense.

A False Image

On the lower left hand corner of the page, there is a false image of a bunch of stone blocks that has list of attributes that associates with both creation and evolution. The way it is showing in the picture implies that YECism is good and evolution is bad. It's really the other way around. There is nothing in all of evolution that says anything that will lead a person to commit atrocities like abortion, homosexuality, pornography, lawlessness, and engaging in man's fallible opinion. YECism does though. It, believe it or not, does lead people into doing exactly what YECs falsely claimed that evolution leads to. The reason YECs blame evolution on the world's evils is so they won't have to face their own sins. Come to think of it, this is the worst form of Red Herring, YECs ever committed. Saying that evolution is to be blamed for all the world's evils is nothing but not just a major falsehood, but a cop out as well.

All part of propaganda to curtail people from knowing the truth behind Darwin and Evolution so that they won't lose their followers and the wealth they accumulate from them. With this tactic, they cause people to curtail the real truth behind atrocities so that no one will know of their own flaws, consequences, sins, and mistakes. They simply would rather be in denial of them. Plus, this is all part of their demonic campaign to sway their gullible followers emotionally into their web of lies and cloud their brains from the truth. Something the Fundamentalists have first dredged up from their heads when evolution was first heard the US in the mid 1850s after Darwin published his Origins of Species book, misunderstood it, falsely equate it to "social darwinism" which is completely a different subject than evolution as explained here, and made plans to spread this evolution's-responsibility-for-all-evils lie as part of their campaign attempt to scare people away from learning about Darwin's revolutionary idea.

Ham's Blame Game

What Ham promotes is all empty propaganda and a senseless scare tactic. Ham knows deep down inside that it is wrong to blame evolution for everything bad because all of everything bad including lawlessness, divorce, mass murders, suicide, etc. has been going on and on BEFORE Darwin was born, not after. What does Ham and other YECs' think life on earth was like before Darwin was born, Edenic? Get REAL!! The reason of all these things all have nothing to do with evolution.

Ham is placing this kind of dangerous teachings above even God and His love himself, telling his followers to give into his teachings and they will have the meaning of life, standards, family unity, joy, happiness, and other empty promises made if they chose to give into young earth teachings and disregard evolution because, to them, it brings on the following things YECism itself is guilty of having: abortion, homosexuality, pornography, lawlessness, and man's fallible opinion.

To be frank, it makes no difference. There will still be problems occurring throughout the world whether be social problems, religious and political corruption, mass murders, crime and lawlessness, abortion, martial conflicts and divorce, suicide, greed, corruption, sex immorality, or school shootings even if all people reject evolution and wholly accept Ham's dogma. And the reason for all of this will not at all be evolution, but something else.

Right and Wrong

Nothing is defensible about Ham and his falsehoods, not to mentioned the way he even verse mine the Bible by taking certain verses out of context and twist them to fit his own views about it. Just like he is doing with this certain verse from Mathew 19:16-17 when put in full context, it tells the story about the rich young man who wanted to follow Jesus. But his riches got in the way of having a full intimacy with Him. The verse is found on Page 79, which asks “Why is there a right and a wrong?” Answer: Why are you asking him that? He doesn't know right from wrong, period, when it comes to his mouth, thinking, delusions, and his own gullibility! Does he think he can get away with telling lies in God's name, slander, putting people down, insulting, slamming, falsely accusing them of wrong, being a hypocrite, cutting them down, hurting them, bearing false witness, making threats; even of death, bibliolatry, and even segregating; being prejudice towards towards certain people he himself doesn't like? He may think so, But I don't! What he thinks Christianity should be and what Christianity really is all about is 2 different things. Christianity is all about accepting Christ as Lord and Savior, follow the greatest commandment of all (Mark 12:28-34), and have a personal relationship with Him. That's it! No other else, not even YECism will do.

Ham's Scare Tactic

Ham, also on page 78, tries to scare the reader, saying that being taught about the natural process is the same as being taught that there is no God. All entirely made up. You'll never find that in evolution other than the strawman version of evolution as told by YECs. All over the page and the next page which is 80, what he wrote implies that evolution is anti-god and if one gives into accepting evolution, then you are accepting the false notion that there is no God, there is no need to follow and obey authority, we are all animals and killing babies is the same as chopping off a head of a fish and a chicken, have sex even outside of marriage, and for us to do our own thing. This is highly deplorable, hypocritical statement at its worst! All nothing but an empty-headed scare tactic entirely made up to sway people from knowing what evolution really is. What really does make people say that there is no God and no need to obey authority and other things mentioned above is YECism itself. YECism, in one form or another, teaches the things evolution DON'T teach. That it's ok to say no to God, disobey authority, kill babies, have sex outside of marriage, believe that we are animals, and to decide one's own rules for life. YECism and its entirely teaches it all, never in biological evolution.

To see what I really mean about what I said above, visit these links down below.

The Crimes of the Creationists

Here's a list of creationists who are guilty of committing atrocites of their own.

Tom Delay

Kent Hovind

Bert Thompson

Harun Yahya, a Muslim Creationist

No Remorse and Sympathies for Men of Great Science

Creationists, especially Ham in his heartlessness, even show no remorse and sympathies towards those they claimed to be [sic] "enemies of God" who die of either of natural causes or tragically killed in various accidents. Cases in Point:

Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter (1962-2006)

(Even Carl Wieland started a rumor about Irwin's conversion to Christianity just before his died which later proven false).

Stephen J Gould (1941-2002)

and Carl Sagan (1934-1996)


Another off-the-wall subject entirely irrelevant to the subject of dinosaurs. Marriage. It's found on page 80 and 81. YECs, like all anti-gay advocates, Christian and non Christian, greatly opposes homosexuality. Here, Ham tells the reader about the biblical establishments by God, through the creation of Adam and Eve, of the concept of one man and one woman to go hand and hand in matrimony for life. Nothing wrong with that as long as he's not wrongly blaming evolution for homosexuality, divorces and break-ups. Unfortunately he does; building up another strawman argument in the process, knowing deep down inside that the real reasons of why about 60% of marriages end in divorce as well as break ups is not because of evolution, but because of conflicts over personal issues that has zero to do with evolution that went way out of hand. Here are the real reasons to why there are divorces and breakups in the world. Abuse, adultery, alcoholism, financial problems, selfish behavior, drug addiction, desertion, gambling, and addiction. Plus, the reason why some people chose to be either gay or lesbian has not to do with evolution, but to fulfill a sexual void in their lives that are not being met in the usual way. Obviously, they are not satisfy with the usual way of love and wanted to fulfill love a different way they think would satisfy them and I guess that how the concept of gay and lesbian came about. Sickening it is in a Christian's eye, but it has nothing to do with evolution.

No Attack on Christianity

Now Ham on page 82, gets to emotion pleadings and brings on the falsehood that says the normal evolutionary teaching of dinosaurs is an attack on the foundations of Christianity. To Ham, young earth creation is the foundation of Christianity. That foundation does NOT exist. YECism has NO foundation, No establishment, nothing! Ham, however would like to make the reader think it has by imagining young earth creation to have such a thing. Ham invokes Psalms 11:3 he rips out of context and twisted it around to fit his own views to try to prove his point. Psalms 11 in full text tells of David acknowledging the Lord as a refuge as well as defense. It has nothing to do with Ham's faux-god. What Ham preaches about dinosaur paraphernalia is blatant falsehood! Honestly, one can read and enjoyed great multitude of dinosaur books and watched great multitudes of dinosaur TV shows without being lead away from God through them. They contain absolute nothing of the things Ham claims they contain. No way are they an attack on Christianity; Atonement, Gospel and all. Nothing found in all of the real dinosaur literature does it say anything of what Ham claims it has a history of concerning about Ham's pretend millions of years of bloodshed, suffering, cruelty, etc. Cybertronic style. There is no trace ever of what Ham is talking about being found in each and every real dinosaur book ever known. He even brought along a non-sequitor remark about if one part of the Bible is undermined, then all of the Bible is undermined, which is a non-sequitor (Latin for 'it doesn't follow') and nothing more. What is really being undermined is one's own faulty interpretations of the Bible, not the book itself. Ham thinks that all of the foundations of Christianity, of clothes (Which is entirely of society, not of evolution.), governments, marriage, nations, culture, life, death, and sin are found in the "Letter of the Law" which is his and other YECs' own twisted version of Genesis 1-11 he falsely called “God's Word.” Mark Isaak here, however, nixes this foundational myth.

No Attack on The Gospel

Emotional pleadings is the theme in the next paragraph under the title, “Millions of Years and the Gospel” on page 83, where Ham once again blatantly lies to the reader and claims stupidly that the study of dinosaurs living millions of years ago before man is a direct attack on the foundations of the gospel, which is a blatant, outright lie! It is not. No such attack has ever existed. It is nothing but a highly pathetic made up myth and a empty scare tactic brought on by Ham who shamelessly wastes his own time and money attacking a subject that is anything but a fallible opinion. Ham just pretends away and comes up with another falsehood by claiming that the fossil record, which to him contains billions of dead things that are not there in reality, is what the history of religious crusades and life of Cybertron...

Ham's millions of years of death and suffering..on Cybertron!

is clearly made up of, Death, disease, suffering, cruelty, and brutality. What the religious crusaders and the war between the Autobots and the Deceptions have brought on over the years is what Ham wrongfully thinks the fossil record is a record of.

You really won't see Maiasaura engaging in making her young suffer found in the fossil record the way pagan nations in the past have been making their young children suffer when they offered them up as a living sacrifice to their pagan god Moloch and other gods like him. But you will see the evidence of the torture rack and the breaking at the wheel found in the records of the Spanish inquisition. You won't see a herd of Apatosaurs and a pack of Allosaurs warring against each other with claws and teeth on a daily bases being found in the fossil record the way Christians were warring against the Muslims during the time of the Crusades. But you will see evidence of Native American Massacres being made when the European White Man invaded their homeland in the name of religion and “Manifest Destiny.” You won't see invading Hadrosaurs plundering the countryside the way Vikings and Pirates had plundered the sea side in the fossil record. But you will see evidence of Africans being made into slaves because the whites were indoctrinated into believing that the Africans are all descendants of Ham, one of Noah's 3 sons whose son, Canaan has fallen under a curse of slavery all because he mocked Noah's nakedness. And you won't see evidence of Trilobites spreading diseases all throughout the prehistoric undersea world. But you will see evidence of fighters flinging over the roof dead bodies of men that have died of the Bubonic Plague also known as black death in an effort to spread the disease into the city they are fighting; something like a primitive version of Bio-terrorism in this case. The fossil record is anything but ugly. What really does have a very ugly record of bloodshed, disease, pain, sorrow, brutality, cruelty, and suffering is the history of religious crusades and the atrocities committed all in the name of religion as mentioned above.

Continued to part 9

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