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The Flood shaped the earth's surface in other ways

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Geological features are consistent with a global flood.



  1. If a global flood had occurred in recent history the following tell-tale signs would be seen worldwide.
    1. Melon Boulders: huge rounded boulders left laying haphazardly high above river beds when floods end abruptly.
    2. Scablands: huge areas which have been scoured down to bedrock by rushing flood waters.
    3. Mountain Basins would be filled with varveless sediments.
    4. Secondary channels cut by floodwaters would be widespread.
  2. The amount of water necessary to suspend all the sediment to form the column would have to be much greater than is feasible.
  3. Given all the sediment would have been added to the water quickly and settled out quickly the layering in the column does not fit, e.g. coarse sediments on top of finer ones.
  4. Huge dry valleys where the flood water had receded and left no river to continue its steady progress could exist from a global flood; why do all large dry valleys have some form of erosion process in them?
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