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Speciation is the coming into existence of a new species.

Speciation proceeds by a significant reduction in gene flow between two populations, and much of our understanding of the process comes from studying hybrid zones.

Only the mechanism of allopatric speciation is unanimously accepted among biologists. There is data to suggest that sympatric speciation has in some instances produced good biological species.

Speciation and creationism

The theory of evolution supplies an explanation for speciation, but whether creationists accept speciation varies. Some of the creationists who reject macroevolution also reject speciation, others have asserted that a limited speciation can occur. Some creationists, especially YECs, believe in mega-speciation, that all the species of birds came from a few on Noah's Ark. They point to the fact that the creation of many types happened with dogs in a short period so could happen with snakes and everything else on the Ark. Ultimately the issue becomes a ridiculous argument over the word species, a term which neither mainstream scientists nor creationists are able to completely agree on.

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