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Since many details of evolution are questioned by evolutionists, one should question the whole theory

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Since many details of evolution are questioned by evolutionists, one should question the whole theory


  1. Anon. Life--How Did It Get Here? By Evolution or By Creation?. Brooklyn, NewYork (1985): Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc. p. 24.


  1. The arguments that evolutionary biologists have over the subject of evolution are in regards to different evolutionary mechanistic theories, not over the theory of evolution itself. Although they may differ over the details, they support the framework as a whole. Incidentally, when there is a genuine scientific argument over evolutionary biology, it is settled by collecting and interpreting data to support a given position, something not done by creationists.
  2. Evolution is no different from any other scientific theory. If the details of the theory of gravity were hotly debated by physicists, this would in no way imply that validity of gravity itself is questionable. The details of how viruses infect people are frequently questioned, but viruses most assuredly exist and the Germ Theory of Disease remains unshaken. So-called "noble" (inert) gasses were not supposed to form compounds, but when it was found xenon as well as krypton did, not all of chemistry was discarded and the theory of chemical bonds advanced a little.
  3. This argument is akin to saying that because the Democratic Republic of North Korea is a terrorist regime, that all Democratic Republics are terrorist regimes. This is a Fallacy of Composition.
  4. Creationists disagree with each other over far more than mere details. The conflicts between OEC, YEC and ID, and even the nature of the creator, are huge and massive. If this argument were true against evolution, it would utterly devastate the creationist side.

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