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Sea fossils have been found on mountaintops

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Marine fossils have been found on mountaintops. These indicate that the sea once covered the mountains.



  1. The marine fossils in question have been found deep INSIDE layers of rock in the mountaintops, not "on" them. This clearly suggests that they were laid down and buried deep before the mountains themselves were raised and formed and NOT deposited there by floodwaters as the argument implies.
  2. The most mountain ranges on continents were formed by tectonic forces resulting from collision of continental plates. In some cases these forces uplifted oceanic seafloor and formed mountain ranges, containing sea fossils, out of it. Notably, this process takes millions of years and patterns of wear and rock layers in the mountains confirm this sort of timeline.
  3. If the seashells were carried to the top of mountains by the Great Flood, as suggested by Creationists, they would be smashed to pieces, separated from their corresponding valves (if bivalve, prosobranch, or brachiopod), or heavily eroded, and not be embedded in the rock of the mountains.
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  1. Gould, S. J., 1998. The upwardly mobile fossils of Leonardo's living earth. In: Leonardo's Mountain of Clams and the Diet of Worms, Harmony Books, New York.

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