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Scientists find what they expect to find

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Materialism is an "a prior" commitment for evolutionists, who then try to adapt science to this preconception. Scientists find what they expect to find.



  1. This is blatantly false! In fact, scientists are often surprised by discoveries that force them to reject hypotheses and refine theories.
  2. Unless this is an accusation of fraud, scientists finding what they expect is evidence for mainstream science, not against it.
  3. If the allegation is that scientists are ignoring evidence due to their worldviews, the allegation should be accompanied by the ignored evidence. If the creationists really had such ignored evidence to contribute, they wouldn't need to rely on the vague claim that scientists only find what they expect.
  4. This argument could also be turned around to state that creationists find what they expect to find. Such an argument is specious without evidence.
  5. Good scientists consistently find things they don't expect. A scientist who only finds what he or she expects to find is either omniscient or a pseudoscientist.
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