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Scientists are pressured not to challenge established dogma

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Scientists are pressured not to challenge the established dogma.



  1. This claim directly contradicts another creationist claim, "Scientific findings are always changing." It is very bizarre to think that scientists uphold "established dogma" with constantly changing data.
  2. Every day, scientists conduct experiments that may or may not prove current theories to be true. If this claim were true, scientists would never conduct any experiments on anything - out of fear that they might challenge an aspect of the system.
  3. This is not true. When Albert Einstein proposed his Theory of Relativity, it caused a massive upheaval in the scientific community. The same also occurred with quantum theory, atomic theory, and most other major scientific discoveries - even the theory of evolution, for that matter.
  4. If scientists are pressured to never challenge "established dogma," astronomers, for example, would still be using Ptolemy's theory of epicycles to explain planetary retrograde motion.
  5. Hypocritically, creationists, themselves, are pressured not to challenge their own established dogma, given as how so many creationist organizations, including ICR, Answers in Genesis, and even Creationwiki, require that its members swear to reject all evidence that would potentially contradict a literal interpretation of the Bible.
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