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Puff of Smoke

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A "puff of smoke" is one of the more fleshed out ID hypotheses for how the IDer implemented his designs.


On November 11, 2002, Larry Arnhart reported on a lecture by Behe at Hillsdale:

At Hillsdale, after his public lecture, I challenged Behe in a small-group discussion to give us a positive statement of exactly how the "Intelligent Designer" creates bacterial flagella. As usual, he was evasive. But I didn't let him get away. And finally, he answered: "In a puff of smoke!" A physicist in our group asked, "Do you mean that the Intelligent Designer suspends the laws of physics through working a miracle?" And Behe answered: "Yes.".

Original source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/evolutionary-psychology/message/25765 . The date on this quote has since been confirmed by Larry Arnhart. It occurred in discussion after Behe's talk at Hillsdale College, which was having a series of talks on the "Intelligent Design Debate" [1]...

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