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Oard's Flood Follies

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One day, 65 million years ago, a sudden catastrophe occurred that wiped out about 70% of all life on earth, including nearly every dinosaur on earth except birds. Why? What happened to them that caused their demise 65 million years ago? No one knows for sure. However there is strong evidence out there that tells us that a huge meteor from outer space crashed landed on earth in an area known as the Chicxulub crater located in the Gulf of Mexico creating a large cloud of hot ash that covered the entire world, blotting out sunlight and killing off every plant life out there. Without plants, plant-eaters starve. Without meat, meat-eaters starved too.

Even Pterosaurs, ammonites, and marine reptiles died out at the same time as well when the conditions from the meteor impact proved too much for them to handle. The effects of the impact must have lingered for about a whole year until the dust finally settled, the sun came out, and the world became a planet nearly void of dinosaurs. Birds became the only dinosaurs to have survived the impact and began to filled the skies in place of Pterosaurs, even though there are some who lost their ability to fly like penguins, ostriches, emus, cassowaries, and the extinct moa and dodo.

However, in their own little world, young earthers use their imaginations and pretend that dinosaurs were drowned in great Flood of Noah most cases while the rest were salvaged into the ark and were rescued from the flood only to face their demise after they left the ark when the flood is over due to changes in the environment, climate, and man killing them off for sport and food. What good is it then if such a scenario did happened? If God wanted the animals, especially dinosaurs, to be kept alive after the flood and yet they die off afterwards when the Flood ended, then what's the point of ever salvaging them anyway?

This is a short summary of what young earthers believed concerning about the extinction of the dinosaurs. A longer summary is shown on the AIG site in an article made by Michael Oard, which also appeared in the AIG's Technical Journal (A misnomer. The magazine doesn't do scientific reports in a realistic way. Instead, it only publishes made up imaginative fairy tales posing as a authentic science report by YECs, who has such creative minds in twisting the truth, making up lies and fabricate stories and plant false evidence to beguile people to fit in with their own young earth dogma.) 11(2):137–154 August 1997 entitled, The extinction of the dinosaurs, where he tries to invoked Noah's Flood Fallacy to explain the extinction of the dinosaurs but all of his explanations, as we shall see, does not hold water.

Oard makes the article so complicated, yet there are many simple factual logic abound that debunks the flood myth and refutes the lie that says that the Flood is responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs. First off, in his pro-intro, he states that he will briefly mentioned the extinction in the geological record while also presenting many [sic] imaginative theories about the extinction of the dinosaurs. Some of them were imaginative (i.e. Alien abductions, buried in dung, tired of being alive, etc.), but not the meteorite theory that's far from being dormant and is still the prevailing theory despite what Oard has claimed. Oard suspects mass burials, occasional monospecific bone-beds (bone-beds that reveals dinosaur fossils with special imprints in them), and rarity of fossils of very young dinosaurs is evidence of great catastrophe that once occurred on earth.

“Nests, eggs, and babies are a challenge to a flood model, but there are enough unknowns associated with the data that solid conclusions are difficult to draw.” or so Oard assumes. There is no unknowns associated with data as Oard claims. Nests, eggs, and babies actually refutes the Flood model. The nests, eggs, and babies would have been easily destroyed if there ever was a Noah's Flood according to the YECs. Oard believes that volcanoes and meteorite impacts, especially the one that was made in the Gulf of Mexico, occurred during the flood. However, there's nothing in the Genesis 7 passage that said anything about meteor showers and volcanic eruptions happening during the Flood. Besides, there are no volcanoes and meteorite craters found in the Middle East, as far as I know.


Intro to the article

Now, he gets to the intro of his article in which he talks about dinosaurs and how they mystified people especially children everywhere making them wonder how they lived and why did they die. To him, it's hard to imagine that they once roamed the earth a long time ago and much harder to imagine that some dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus Rex were probably killer machines (before, not after the Fall of Man!). Oard claims that of all of the dinosaur mysteries out there, their extinction is the most mysterious of all. True. He claims that the mystery deepens when they find that dinosaurs are well highly adaptive to their environments and have a worldwide distribution. He then talks about dinosaurs being unearthed in even the coldest places on earth which lead scientists to debate over whether dinosaurs were either warm or cold-blooded or in-between. He claims that even the so-called “uniformitarian scientists” are baffled by all of this, which you'll never find in today's science world for scientists don't believe in uniformitarianism in Charles Lyell's sense anymore. They embrace actualism, instead (reference).

Oard went quote mining and ripped a quote from a 1991 article created by Paleontologist, Michael Benton entitled, Polar Dinosaurs and Ancient Climates, which you can read in PDF form here. The quote reads,

‘Should we now imagine dinosaurs as thermally insulated warm-blooded animals that ploughed through snowdrifts and scraped the ice off the ground to find food?'

The quote, when put in full context, is referring to Benton telling the reader about finding dinosaur fossils in the Arctic in stark contrast to finding fossils in areas that was once sub-tropical or tropical or even dry and arid regions that conjures up classic images of dinosaurs living in a sub-tropical or tropical floras or in dry arid conditions as depicted in countless dinosaur books. Next, Oard explains the foot-tracks made by dinosaurs and how they spread out all over the world, They all would have been eroded away and destroyed if the worldwide Flood did took place. He them explains about eggs (some with embryos inside), nests, and babies that would all have been swept away and destroyed if Noah's Flood according to YECs actually did took place as mentioned before.

Uniformitarian Causes?

He then asked, “Why did the dinosaurs, as well as the marine reptiles and the flying reptiles, vanish from off the face of the earth?” He went on to talked about more about extinction in general while refraining from showing the extinctions as separate events. He makes it as if they were all a one time event. The fossil record, on the other hand, tells us that this is all not so. He shows a chart of the extinction event taking place at a certain time and the so-called “uniformitarian causes” which more of actualistc causes than the Lyell's uniformitarian causes. Like I said, scientist don't believe in Lyell's ideas anymore. He then went on to discuss about many theories made over the years to explain the causes of the dinosaur extinction. Some absurd and some logical. He then went on to claim that volcanism, meteorite collisions, and cometary collisions are now the major contenders and Oard himself will argue that this is an act of God though the agency of the Genesis worldwide Flood. But his argument will prove worthless as I'll explain. The extinctions may be an act of God, but not through the agency of the Genesis worldwide flood. Oard then went on and gave out more theories made recently to explain the extinctions of the dinosaurs and then he went on to explain in detail about the meteorite theory and the volcanic theory along with their pros and cons and then went on to explain about the process of “paradigm” change in science while ignoring his own process of paradigm falsehoods in young earthism.

In this section, Oard explains of how scientists are disputing over the meteorite theory, the uniformitarian way. He falsely makes it as if these scientists are for Sir Charles Lyell's uniformitarianism, but they are not. As mentioned before, nobody in the science world believes in that stuff anymore. Unfortunately, this has not entered into Oard's head and probably never will or else his Noah's-Flood-killing-off-dinosaur lie he tells for profit would have been “drained” away – literally. He makes up hypocritical lies by saying,

“Biases were so strong that scientists resorted to many unscientific ploys to get their personal way, such as verbally attacking one another; using polemics to push their preferences, sometimes using outdated data; refusing to publish key data; and refusing grants for research they did not agree with. An after-the-fact study by William Glen indicated that few, laymen and scientists alike, really knew much about the issue. This is a sad state of affairs within science—it is no different when it comes to the creation/evolution controversy.”

Sounds exactly like what young earthers like Oard do and yet he turns around and accuses 'evolutionists' of the exact same thing (A few of them may have known to act like that. But that doesn't mean all of them do.). Look at how the young earthers attack other creationists, especially Hugh Ross, an old earther, while critiquing and criticizing other YECs such as Kent Hovind and Carl Baugh, look at how the disputes within AIG cause the organization to split apart and form into 2 organizations, Answers In Genesis-USA/UK and Creation Ministries International, and doing all other things they claim evolutionists do.

Oard's Lie About Mass Graveyards of Dinosaurs

Then, Oard gives about the flood lie and presents what he thinks is evidence of dinosaurs perishing in the Flood while ignoring certain things in the fossil record that tells us different. First, he gives out the lie about the Flood being responsible for the vast fossil beds that featured dinosaurs being buried in fluvial sediments that are actually caused by a gradual accumulation of bodies of dinosaurs after they were either drowned while trying to cross a river at flood stage like wildebeests or died during a severe drought, both taking place during separate events that spanned millions of years of time.

While he's at it, he gave out the falsehood of the Flood being responsible for the mass graveyards of Hadrosaurid fossils and even ripped a quote made by Jack Horner and James Gorman from Digging Dinosaurs book out of context and made it as if they have no clue in finding out how could a mud-slide take down a 2 or 3 ton animal with it's femer split lengthwise. I've looked at the book carefully and found that Horner does have no clue to how this happen. But that doesn't mean the fossils were all rapidly buried by the Flood, since a normal rainstorm that lasts for many days would do the exact same thing, just like what happened in the Philippines not to long ago, when a huge, deadly mudslide, due to days of rain, rapidly buried thousands of people, mainly schoolchildren, in one huge mounds of mud.

Oard, then, gave out other locations of massive grave sites in Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta, Canada, in the Dinosaur National Monument in Jenson, Utah, not in Vernal, and the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry in Price, Utah. But he neglects on purpose to mentioned about the grave sites being the result of carnosaurs being lured into mud traps at the sound and site of distressed prey after they unwittingly coming into the mud pit for a drink of water, failed attempts to cross rivers at flood stages, and succumbing to a severe drought.

He also mentions the fossil beds that were found all over the world including the Iguanodon grave years in Belgium, a Titanosaur graveyard in Niger, Africa and a graveyard in Dashanpu, China. Some mass graves were also the result of huge sandstorms engulfing the dinosaurs, burying them on the spot while the floodwaters would have swept them all away from where they were at, even when it comes to a 'giant watery sandwave' as imagined by Oard.

The Fate of Babies

Oard went back to the hadrosaur (Maiasaura) graveyards again in Montana, when he mentions about paleontologists finding only one mass herd of adults and older juvenile dinosaurs of Maiasauras with no younger juveniles and babies found within them and speculates that the reason there were no babies in the herd is because the babies cannot keep up with adults as they were being herded together in one place as the flood waters quickly engulfs them later. Oard deliberately says this, while ignoring the fact that the babies' legs were not fully developed when scientists unearthed the baby fossils and studied them. So, the babies cannot get away even if they tried. Plus, they have very strong instinct to stay in their nest until they are old enough and their legs fully developed and strong enough to leave the nests permanently. Heck, if all was according to Oard was the case, we would have seen none of what we see in the fossil bed in Montana as the Maiasaurs, eggs, babies, and all, will all be completely swept away and destroyed without a trace and the nests gets completely dissolved if there was such a thing as a worldwide flood.

Eating during the Flood?

Oard also is aware of the fact that there were teeth found in many mass grave sites that indicate that meat-eating dinosaurs have stopped by afterwards to scavenged on the carcasses after they've been washed ashore onto a river bank. Now how would Oard explain that fact? Simple, Oard assumes that the fossil beds were temporary exposed for the meat-eaters to eat during the flood...while the meat-eaters was supposed to be running for their lives from on coming rising flood waters that covered the mountains over 20 feet deep according to Genesis 7:20? What kind of a stupid logic is that?!

Despite what YECs like Oard assumes, mass graveyards is evidence against the worldwide flood as I mentioned before. What Oard didn't mentioned is that those events occurred in many different periods of time spanning millions of years, not at all in a one time event.

Footprint Folly

Next Oard discusses the many footprints of dinosaurs found throughout the world in the next section entitled, 'Dinosaurs fleeing the encroaching flood waters' where he discusses foot trackways, in which he claimed was made during the first 150 days of the alleged Flood (which is blasphemous since it greatly contradicts the verses in Genesis 7:17-23 that says the rain lasted for only 40 days and during this period “everything that breathed died.” - therefore no dinosaurs could be making tracks after the first 40 days), especially on certain sites containing mega trackways.

Such as what is found in southeast Utah located on upper boundary of the Entrada Sandstone, a real desert sandstone, not alleged. What Oard refuses to know is that these tracks were made by theropod dinosaurs that are walking on a desert terrain. Not fleeing from a flood. Oard remarks, “It is indeed strange that one type of dinosaur lived in a large area of an alleged desert. What were they supposed to eat in a desert?” Desert prey, duh! Oard is asking a trick question here. He doesn't want his followers to know of the fact there there is food in the desert theropods can eat like desert insects, lizards, mammals, and other dinosaurs that lived in the desert as well as carcasses of dinosaurs that have succumbed to the desert.

In all of the parts of his section on the footprints he gives out examples of huge trackways he claimed to be made during the Flood that would have all been rapidly eroded, dissolved, and destroyed if the Flood did took place. Plus, the dinosaurs were all walking in the sediment instead of running for their lives. Oard asks another trick question in the one about the fossil trackways that stretched from New Mexico to Colorado which is, “Why wouldn’t the tracks be found throughout the beds if the sediments were deposited slowly over long periods of time?” This is a trick question. Actually the question should be asked this way, “Why wouldn’t the tracks be found throughout the beds if the sediments were deposited rapidly during a violent Flood?” Like I said before, a violent flood would have easily erode the footprints away completely if what Oard says is true.

Next he claims, “Second, the lack of relief on the track-bearing strata indicates a rapid sedimentation event forming flat strata over a huge area. Otherwise, erosion over millions of years would have produced at least hilly topography and, therefore, tracks would traverse up and down hills.” Isn't Oard forgetting about certain dinosaur trackways being found along the walls of mountains and hills in certain places where dinosaurs walked in that area when it was once a flat land before it became a mountainous region over millions of years? Apparently so.

Then, he makes claims of the Morrison formation having thin deposit sediments that stretched far and wide evenly that contains dinosaur footprints left behind by dinosaurs that are walking, not running, across that area. Oard claims that the sediments were formed by Noah's flood while ignoring the fossil burrows, the walking tracks, local paleosols (ancient soils), desiccation mud chips, burrows, root markings from plants, some polygonal desiccation cracks, casts of salt crystals, and clay pellet aggregates. Oard is making it as if dinosaurs were walking across the area during the flood, while they are supposed to be running for their lives, or for that matter, be drowned in the Flood since the Bible says that the water rose above the mountains for 40 days, leaving no dry land for anyone to walk on. And the floodwater was never shallow enough to leave behind thin, wide continual sediments like a large shallow river can in a semi-desert area.

Oard notices that the trackways are all straight. That's because the tracks were of walking migratory dinosaurs, not running, panicking dinosaurs. Animals fleeing from a predator usually would scatter in various directions to confuse a predator into giving up the chase. He also mentioned that the trackways were lacking footprints of baby dinosaurs in the group. Oard took a quote from the book, Dinosaur Eggs and Babies out of context and twisted it to support his views. Just as with the Maiasauria graveyards, Oard falsely concludes that this is because the babies were unable to keep up with the adult as they were fleeing the flood. The footprints, made only by walking dinosaurs; all made during long migratory treks to their summer or winter grounds to stay for the whole season. As mentioned before, babies have a strong instinct to remain in and around their nesting grounds since their legs are much too weak for them to go very far and keep up with the herd. They never strayed far away from the nesting area until they grew up into adulthood and their legs be fully developed and strong enough to help the dinosaurs keep up with rest of the herd as they make long trek from one area to another.

Family Lifestyles and How They Contradict Oard's Falsehood

Next, Oard went with the next section entitled, Can dinosaur nests, eggs, and babies be explained within the Flood? Answer: No they can't. But Oard sure tried, but not without any questionable flaws. It doesn't matter how complex the article seems to be, all of this flood myth Oard displays in his article can easily be debunked with simple easy logic. Oard went to discuss the fossils scientists have unearthed over the years that tells us a lot about the family lifestyles of dinosaurs at Egg Mountain located in Montana. If there was a global flood, all of this would have been all washed away and destroyed without a trace instead of being buried on the spot by a volcano.

Oard, at first, talks about eggs of Maiasauras having embryos inside of them with teeth worn out within their jaws. It looks like they are getting ready for their lifelong obsession with eating. That has nothing to do with the Flood, however. Oard then gave out the nests and eggs coming from various locations at multiple stratigraphic levels, which could very much explain the fact that the eggs and nests were all made at different periods of time. Oard then gives out claims involving eggs of Troodons, once thought to be eggs of Orodromeus, found in the nests with broken tops. Oard, idiotic are his claims as usual, uses his imagination and pretends that eggs were scavenged by egg-eaters during the Flood that broke the tops off to get at the insides – while they are supposed to be running for their lives or perish in the Flood for that matter. This YEC would rather ignore the fact that the eggs with broken tops were all the result of baby dinosaurs hatching from their eggs and leaving the nest at once just after they hatched in great contrast to the Maiasaurs babies staying in their nests and crushing the eggs while at it because their legs were not fully developed for them to leave the nest, yet.

More falsehoods from Oard when it comes to noticing the eggs being laid in nests where stratigraphic levels indicating that the nests were being reused over and over again when the dinosaurs were returning to the nesting site year after year to raise a new generation of dinosaurs. Oard claims that dinosaurs must have laid eggs on a surface that cuts through the stratigraphym which is not at all the case. He lies even more by claiming that because of nests, in some cases, indicating some fossil babies being disarticulated and jumbled up and that the babies, after they hatched, have grew to be 1 m in length within a month, according to studies made by Jack Horner, it is possible that during the first 150 days of the Flood the Maiasaurs laid eggs and that the babies hatched and grew to 1 m long. This is a blatant, stupid lie!

The Maiasaurs would have been all dead by now according to the verse in Genesis 7:17-23 that says that all those “that have breathed died” when it rained nonstop for only 40 days and 40 nights and Oard is making it as if this is not the case! Oard then asserts that a dabate is going on whether the Maiasaurs babies were either raised in their nests or raised outside their nests. But that has nothing to do with the Flood.

Volcanoes and Metorites

Then he gets to the new section of his article entitled, Volcanoes and meteorites during the Flood where he claims that volcanoes eruptions and meteorite impacts have all occurred during the time of Noah's Flood, which the scientific evidence clearly rules out against. Even the Bible ruled against such nonsense, for it says nothing about meteor showers and volcanoes erupting during the flood, only just downpours of rain and tsunamis have occurred during the Flood that's all.

In the last part of the article entitled, Is the K\T boundary synchronous?, He give out reasons why he thinks the K/T boundary did not happened at the same time as the Flood. As usual he never gets it in his head that scientists don't believe in uniformitarianism anymore. It is obvious no matter how hard he tries through his faux-collage style writings, in which he writes in a college style way to make his lies convincing believable, the K\T boundary offers him and other YECs no comfort at all to explain how can that fit into the Flood Model which they can't.

He even speculated based that since sharks remains were found alongside of dinosaur remains after the dinosaurs have been washed out to sea in a few cases, then sharks must have eaten the floating carcasses of dinosaurs during the Flood before they were buried along with them, which is pure nonsense since sharks are only found in saltwater and would have died in freshwater if it is put there. Besides, how can they eat the floating carcasses while being dashed and thrown about by the violent water currents of the Flood?

He also mentioned about the debate about dinosaurs surviving in the Tertiary, which are likely nothing more than dinosaur fossils eroding into the Cenozoic rock layers only to get redeposited again. No big deal.

Oard's Failure To Explain The Extinction

And finally, Oard did a summary of what he wrote and concluded, “The data from these theories can be fitted into a Flood model, a model in which the dinosaurs perished at different times within the first 150 days.” It can't and he knows it. It's so obvious Oard just simply cannot explain dinosaurs, not even their extinction. It's just blasphemous the way he contradicts the Bible when he says that all of this was taking place at different times within the first 150 days of the Flood, while every dinosaurs was supposed to be running for their lives, try to head for the hills, only to perish in the floodwaters instead of walking around, laying eggs, raising babies, and eating. He just does not have an logical answer to why did the dinosaurs die out. Instead, he rely on distortions, lies, blasphemies, biblical contradictions, and groundless miracles to try to fit the fossil record into the Flood Model, but he can't. There's no way he can fit them all into the fabled flood model and he just proved it right in his idiot article.

The best and only way to explain dinosaurs is that the fossils of bones, eggs, nests, and babies, dung, skin and feathered imprints, and footprints, are all made by dinosaurs that have lived and flourished on earth for millions of years, only to face extinction coming from a large meteorite from outer space that slammed into the Gulf of Mexico, 65 million years ago, ending their lives after enjoying an incredible 150 million year reign on Earth.

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