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Old Earth Creationism

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Old Earth Creationists (acronym: OEC) accept the geological age of the Earth, of millions of years (modern estimate: 4.6 billion years) and try to accommodate the text of the Bible to fit such an age. However, they, like Young Earth Creationists, reject much of biological evolution.

There are three OEC strains:

1. Day-Age: These creationists believe the six days of the Bible don't mean six 24-hour days, but six long periods of time, enough to cover the whole geological timescale. This still has the problem that the Biblical order does not correspond to the scientific one (for example, plants come before the sun in the Biblical order). Although Biblical interpretations exist to circumvent this problem.

2. Gap Theory (also called Ruin-Restoration): These creationists believe that, between the first two verses of Genesis, there exists a gap of immense time in which God destroyed and created the world anew, probably because of the rebellion of Lucifer and his follower angels. The gap accounts for geological time.

3. Progressive creationism: These creationists believe that the geological timescale is accurate, but the fossil record is explained as a series of progressive creations by God instead of naturalistic evolution.

The most prominent OEC today is Hugh Ross, who heads Reasons To Believe Ministries.

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