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Multiple Designers

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One curious oversight of the Intelligent Design movement is their unwillingness to take seriously the abundance of evidence that points to multiple designers. The multiple-designer inference is one often made about human designs, like individual handwriting and artistic and literary styles. It is used to detect handwriting forgery, like forged signatures on checks and other important documents.

However, this is not an absolute inference; a single superpowerful designer can easily make itself seem like multiple less-powerful designers if it so chooses.

There is an abundance of evidence that if many of the features of the Earth's biota were designed (an assumption that is not necessary to explain life), that those features were produced by a multitude of designers. Convergent Evolution often suggests multiple designers at work, as do Conflicting Designs. Vertebrates and squid have lens-camera eyes -- eyes that differ in a variety of details between the two groups. Predators are "designed" to catch prey, while prey are "designed" to thwart predators.

However, among IDists, only Walter ReMine has attempted to show that there has been only one designer; his main argument is the biochemical unity of life. However, a single designer or design team for that does not preclude multiple designers for other features.

And an examination of the Religious basis of ID suggests an ulterior reason for not considering multiple designers: the belief that a single deity was responsible for all the designing. However, multiple designs could be attributed to the efforts of other such theologically-acceptable entities as angels and demons or to the deity's mysterious purposes.

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