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Man and dinosaurs coexisted

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Humans and dinosaurs once lived together



  1. The possibility of some dinosaur breeds surviving extinction does not invalidate evolutionary theory at all. Nor does the existence of unknown creatures.
  2. According to modern biology, dinosaurs did and do coexist with mankind... just in the form of modern birds (which are taxonomically dinosaurs if they descended from them), the last known surviving branch of the dinosaurs.
  3. Creationists who make this claim generally reject the bird/dinosaur connection, and therefore mean to say that humans co-existed with the likes of tyrannosaurs and ankylosaurs and so on. Yet they cannot explain why there are no remains of dinosaurs (let alone many other extinct animals of prehistory) found mixed alongside of remains of humans, ice age animals, and modern animals. According to the fossil record, the last non-avian dinosaur died out approximately 65 million years ago, which is about 58 million years before the first man ever appeared on earth. The only dinosaurs ever to have walked with man are birds such as ostriches, emus, penguins, robins, and storks to name a few. All non- avian dinosaurs, which lived during the time period known as the Mesozoic Era, which spans between 250-65 million years ago. This era is divided into 3 periods, the Triassic, the Jurassic and the Cretaceous. No saurian remains, be they of pterosaur, ichthyosaur, plesiosaur, mosasaur, or pliosaur, have ever been found above the Mesozoic strata mixed with elephants, mammoths, rhinoceroses, monkeys, smilodon, dolphins, whales, oxen, etc. (except a hadrosaur leg bone that was found in Early Paleocene (Danian) strata dating from 64.5 million years ago but note this fossil came from the vary beginning of the Cenozoic era long before humans or even most modern orders of mammals appeared.) let alone with humans. Nor have they ever been found below the Mesozoic strata strata with trilobites, or other Paleozoic organisms, nor can they demonstrate the falsity of radiometric dating methods whose results demonstrate that the time-lapse between humans and dinosaurs, especially Tyrannosaurs and Ankylosaurs is measured in tens of millions of years.
  4. Creationists eagerly jump at legends that suggest even the most remote suggestion that non-avian dinosaurs coexisted with humans, even though there have been no genuine artifacts that showed some sort of human-dinosaur interaction (i.e., saddles or jewelry specifically made for dinosaurs, paintings, carvings or statues that accurately depict dinosaurs with humans), or contemporary dinosaur remains artificially interred, with or without human remains in a grave of some sort, or contemporary dinosaur remains that show signs of having been eaten or butchered by humans.
  5. There has been absolutely no fossil evidence whatsoever that any of the mammals that humans are contemporaries of, i.e., dogs, cats, cows, elephants, rabbits, horses, other humans, etc, were also contemporaries of dinosaurs. Creationists have also failed repeatedly to provide any evidence of modern mammals and dinosaurs interacting together beyond misinterpretations of a few passages of the Bible.

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