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Mammoths have been found quickly frozen

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The bodies of mammoths have been found that have apparently frozen suddenly. Their flesh was well preserved, and they still had food in their mouths. This is an example of quickly-forming fossils which shows the earth could be young and still have fossils.



  1. Fossils are permineralized animal remains. Frozen mammoths are not fossils, technically speaking, they are subfossils.
  2. Nobody claims the earth must be old in order to account for the formation of "fossils". Pointing out one fact that fails to contradict creationism does not support creationism.
  3. Most of the frozen mammoths showed signs of decay, many with their organs having rotted, and as well as having been attacked by scavengers. They did not freeze suddenly.
  4. Having food in the mouth, or stomach, merely indicates they died suddenly, not that they were frozen suddenly.
  5. Since these mammoths inhabited cold environments such as tundras, it is no surprise that their flesh is well preserved, even if it took centuries for them to freeze.
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