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The Evolution Education Wiki is a free, reader-built encyclopedia of evolution, biology, and origins. It is inspired by the Talk.Origins Archive and the Wikipedia project. The EvoWiki features essays, book reviews and a comprehensive encyclopedia of evolution, creationism and related topics.

Note: The old mainpage is dead. This main page is currently a linkfarm. These are the most important articles to port. FuzzyCatPotato 15:11, 2 July 2016 (EDT)



Useful pages

Theory of Evolution

Anatomy -- Biogeography -- Convergent Evolution -- Cooption -- Evolution -- Evolution of Plants -- Exobiology -- Genetic drift -- Genetics -- Inclusive fitness -- Kin selection -- Macroevolution -- Microevolution -- Mimicry -- Mutation -- Natural selection -- Panglossianism -- Punctuated equilibria -- Sexual selection -- Speciation -- History of evolution -- Variation
List of biology topics -- List of Evolution topics

Common Descent & Natural History

Abiogenesis -- Archaeopteryx -- Cladistics -- Common ancestor -- Endogenous retroviruses -- Macroevolution -- Fossil record -- Horse evolution -- Out of Africa -- Paleontology -- Taxonomy and Phylogeny -- Vestigial features
List of common descent topics -- List of paleontology topics


What Creationism Is -- Creation -- CreationWiki -- Bible -- Genesis -- Qur'an -- YEC -- OEC -- Statements of faith -- Theistic Evolution -- God and Evolution -- Catastrophism -- The Flood -- Geocentrism -- Flat Earth -- Firmament
List of creationism topics -- List of creationist arguments

Intelligent Design

Animal and Extraterrestrial Intelligent Design -- Conflicting Designs -- Irreducible Complexity -- Definitional Complexity -- IDist -- Multiple Designers -- IDist self-contradictions -- Intelligent designer -- Suboptimal design -- Lies, damn lies, and DI polls -- Puff of Smoke -- Religious basis of ID -- Biological traps -- Junk DNA

Organized complexity

Flagellum -- Evolution of flagella -- Evolution of new binding sites -- Honeybees -- Nitrogen fixation -- Evolution of feathers -- Computer simulations of evolution -- Butterfly eyespots


Altruism -- Aesthetics -- Behavioural genetics -- Environment of evolutionary adaptedness -- Ethology -- Evolutionary Psychology -- Friendship -- Human mating strategies and sexual preferences -- Human universals -- Modular theory of mind -- Neuroscience -- Psychopathology -- Violence


Age of the Earth -- Continental Drift -- Geological Timescale -- Radiometric dating -- Uniformitarianism


Big Bang -- Thermodynamics -- The speed of light -- How we know physical laws are constant over time

Scientific controversies

Fake fossils -- Evolution of new information -- ID and scientific literature -- Icons of Evolution -- Peppered moth -- Haeckel's embryos -- The Protoavis controversy -- A Reply to Ruben on Theropod Physiology -- Downy Dinos -- Flapper, or Glider? A Reply to Speakman & Thompson on Archaeopteryx -- Velociraptor a Mesozoic kiwi? A look at the neoflightless hypothesis -- The Neornithine 'Big Bang' -- Genetic similarity theory -- Parsimony and its role in Phylogenetic Reconstruction -- Learning to Fly: How Birds Took to the Air -- Galloanserae: A Critical Examination -- Scopes Trial
List of controversies

Political controversies

Equal time -- Politicization -- Public education -- Scopes trial -- McLean v. Arkansas Board of Education -- Missouri ID Bill -- Does evolution conflict with religion and morality?

Replying to Creationists

A reply to Ashby Camp and TrueOrigins on Avian Phylogeny -- A Reply to Woodmorappe on the Evolution of Birds


Definitional complexity -- IDist self-contradictions -- Transitional fossils -- Suboptimal designs

Non-biological evolution

Linguistic Evolution -- Memetics -- Tower of Babel

Philosophy of Science

Fallacy -- Excessive Skepticism -- Falsification -- Paradigm shifts -- Parsimony -- Pseudoscience


Good evolutionist blogs


Charles Darwin -- Richard Dawkins -- Stephen Jay Gould -- Alfred Russel Wallace -- Bernard Kettlewell -- Gregor Mendel -- John Maynard Smith -- E. O. Wilson -- Ernst Mayr -- Francis Crick -- James Watson -- Julian Huxley -- Project Steve
List of biologists -- List of biochemists -- List of anthropologists -- List of astronomers -- List of geologists -- List of mathematicians -- List of physicists -- List of paleontologists -- List of psychologists


Howard Ahmanson Jr. -- Michael Behe -- William Dembski -- Michael Denton -- Philip Henry Gosse -- Kent Hovind -- Phillip Johnson -- Dmitri Kouznetsov -- Walter ReMine -- Hugh Ross -- Jonathan Sarfati -- Jonathan Wells -- Kurt Wise
List of creationists -- List of creationist organizations


Trofim Lysenko -- Ivan Michurin -- Immanuel Velikovsky
List of lawyers -- List of non-creationist pseudoscientists -- List of philosophers

Please expand the directory, and write the articles!


Books -- Websites -- Peer-reviewed journals -- Organisations -- Popular science -- Newsgroups -- Wikipedia

See also: free online journals, partially free online journals, peer-reviewed literature search engines, Online peer-reviewed journal articles.

Best of EvoWiki

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Technical articles

Glossary pages

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Collaborative writing

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