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Welcome! The Evolution Education Wiki, popularly known as EvoWiki, is a website about evolution and the creationism controversy. Our editorial philosophy extends no further than being 'pro-evolution' (or rather, pro-science), and our many writers come from a wide range of cultural and philosophical backgrounds. The EvoWiki's 2,767 pages were collaboratively written by the people who visit the site; to find out how this works and how you can get involved, visit our community portal.

The EvoWiki features essays, book reviews and a comprehensive encyclopedia of evolution, creationism and related topics.

Encyclopedia: Evolution - Creationism - Biology - Logical Fallacies - Full encyclopedia contents.

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According to mainstream science, the universe is approximately 13.7 billion years old. It is believed to have started in the Big Bang. Scientists are unsure what caused this event but it is believed that all matter that exists came into being from a single point in the universe in a massive explosion and has been expanding ever since. Because of the Big Bang, subatomic particles formed into atoms, atoms into molecules, right up to the formation of stars. The supernova of stars are what led to the formation of all the trace elements that are required for life here on Earth. Our Earth formed quite some time after the universe did, scientists believe, based on current evidence, that it formed around 4.57 billion years ago. Our planet happens to be in the perfect zone for life....continue reading.

In the news

22 July: Paleontologists have discovered a complete skeleton belonging to the dinosaur Genus Tarbosaurus. [1]

15 July: Experts at a London museum unable to identify an unknown insect. This insect may be a new species that has evolved very recently. [2]

6 July: Studies show that men, like women, undergo reproductive aging. [3]

20 June: Eating certain foods makes you smarter. [4]

10 June: A single horned unicorn-like deer has recently been spotted in Italy. [5]

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Recent Editorials and Essays

Why are primates so smart?
Joe Dunckley discusses the various forces that boosted our brain size.

Peppered moth FAQ
Nik Tamzek looks at creationist claims about industrial melanism in peppered moths.

Evolution of flagella
Nik Tamzek's reply to Michael Behe's claim of Irreducible complexity.

Comment: What Creationism Is
JGK examines what motivates creationists.

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