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Jonathan Wells

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Jonathan Wells is a creationist best-known for writing Icons of Evolution, in which he tries to establish that common textbook illustrations of evolution and abiogenesis are just plain wrong - with the implication that there is something wrong with evolution and abiogenesis themselves.

He has given some rather curious accounts of his motives. He has claimed that he became skeptical of evolution during his time in graduate school, doing work on developmental biology. In his preface to Icons of Evolution, he wrote:

"During my years as a physical science undergraduate and biology graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley, I believed almost everything I read in my textbooks. I knew that the books contained a few misprints and minor factual errors, and I was skeptical of philosophical claims that went beyond the evidence, but I thought that most of what I was being taught was substantially true."

But in an article in a Unification-Church publication [1], he has claimed that the reason is:

"Father's words, my studies, and my prayers convinced me that I should devote my life to destroying Darwinism, just as many of my fellow Unificationists had already devoted their lives to destroying Marxism. When Father chose me (along with about a dozen other seminary graduates) to enter a Ph.D. program in 1978, I welcomed the opportunity to prepare myself for battle."

Where "Father" is the head of that church, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

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