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Interpreting evidence is not the same as observation

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Evidence for evolution has not been observed. Claims that it has confuse observation with interpretation. What is observed has to be interpreted to fit the hypotheses.



  1. In science, the word "evidence" usually only has meaning when related to a hypothesis. We compare data to the predictions of a hypothesis. If the data agrees with the predictions, it becomes evidence for the hypothesis, otherwise it becomes evidence against. In a way this might be referred to as interpreting evidence to fit the hypothesis, but the process isn't so subjective as the word "interpretation" implies. Furthermore, all of the sciences work in this manner, so criticizing evolution for it is hypocritical.
  2. Science is about explaining the makeup of the natural world, not interpreting it to fit a preconceived belief. If a theory explains the natural world properly, interpretation is not an issue. Evolution does precisely that, and Creationism does not.
  3. Evidence for evolution has been observed. This is a false accusation of a priorism.
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