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International Society for Complexity, Information, and Design

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In it's own words ISCID is "..a cross-disciplinary professional society that investigates complex systems apart from external programmatic constraints like materialism, naturalism, or reductionism.". For those not fluent in doublespeak, ISCID promotes intelligent design through its journal PCID and is the home of a number of prominent IDers such as Michael Behe and William Dembski. It has a stated goal (as stated on their homepage) of "retraining the scientific imagination to see purpose in nature"

The executive Director of ISCID is William A. Dembski.

While the organization would dispute being lumped in as a creationist organization since some of its members do endorse creationism as well, it is reasonable to include ISCID in 'creationist organisations' category here.

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List of Fellows

Note1: Individuals marked with (DI) are also members of Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture
ToDo: Figure out which of these deserve to have a page here and be placed in the creationist category.

Michael Behe (DI), John Bloom, Walter Bradley, Neil Broom, J. Budziszewski (DI), John Angus Campbell, Russell W. Carlson, David K. Y. Chiu, Robin Collins (DI), William Lane Craig (DI), Bernard d'Abrera, Kenneth de Jong, William Dembski (DI), Mark R. Discher, Daniel Dix, Darrel Falk, Fred Field, Guillermo Gonzalez (DI), Bruce L. Gordon, Roland Hirsch, David Humphreys, Cornelius Hunter (DI), Muzaffar Iqbal, Quinn Tyler Jackson, Conrad Johanson, Robert Kaita, James Keener, Robert Koons (DI), Younghun Kwon, Christopher Michael Langan, Robert Larmer, Matti Leisola, Stan Lennard, John Lennox, Gina Lynne LoSasso, Jed Macosko, Bonnie Mallard, Forrest M. Mims III (DI), Scott Minnich (DI), Paul Nelson (DI), Filip Palda, Edward T. Peltzer, Alvin Plantinga, Martin Poenie, Carlos E. Puente, Del Ratzsch, Jay Wesley Richards (DI), Terry Rickard, John Roche, Andrew Ruys, Henry F. Schaefer (DI), Jeffrey M. Schwartz, M.D., Philip Skell, Frederick Skiff, Karl D. Stephan, Richard Sternberg, Frank Tipler, Jonathan Wells (DI), Peter Zoeller-Greer

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