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Intelligent design

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Intelligent design (often shortened to "ID") is the proposition that some unspecified entity which is currently unobservable used unknown techniques and tools at some unknown time in the past to design and create something. Unlike evolution, Intelligent Design is not accepted by the scientific community, and with good reasons:


The Unanswered Questions Pertaining to ID

There are a number of questions which ID advocates never seem to address.

The Ambiguity of Intelligent Design

Some Intelligent Design advocates contend that there is a theory of Intelligent Design, though what this theory relates to depends on the IDist.

The majority of IDists fail to distinguish any of these candidate theories, and contend that the arguments presented in favour of ID indicate that any of the - strictly speaking - hypotheses would be supported by the ID evidence, because the ID evidence overturns the key Darwinian idea of common descent by natural selection and random mutation.

The Evidence of Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design proponents agree on the idea that the work of an unknown and unknowable designer can, in principle, be detected. IDists have proposed several criteria to detect design, but each such criterion is seriously flawed as a tool for scientific investigation:

ID advocates claim that these theories have been peer-reviewed, but a glance at their claimed list of peer-reviewed ID articles shows that this is not true.

Prominent Intelligent Design Advocates

Some Intelligent Design advocates contend that their viewpoint should be discussed in science classes as an alternative to the theory of evolution.

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