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If man comes from random causes, life has no purpose or meaning

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If man arose by chance, life would have no purpose or meaning.



  1. The goal of science is to explain the workings of the world. It makes statements about what happens and what causes those things to happen. Statements about what should happen and why those things should happen belong to the fields of philosophy and religion. Answering these types of questions is not a scientific endeavour.
  2. Science alone cannot provide a meaning to life. Criticising a scientific theory for failing to provide ultimate meanings is to miss the point of science entirely. If this criticism was valid, then one could just as easily critize the incompetence of Christianity because the Bible does not contain recipes for cheesecake or instructions on how to do physics homework.
  3. Evolution is not composed entirely of random causes, but also features selective processes. Exactly how many random causes in human history does the creationist imagine disproves ultimate meaning? What percentage of events must be random before our lives become purposeless? Could it happen tomorrow in the lottery?
  4. Even if evolution were composed entirely of random causes, how would that necessarily make life meaningless?
  5. Even if evolution were composed entirely of random causes, and even if this somehow did devalue human life and meaning, these negative consequences wouldn't disprove evolution. Luckily, neither situation is the case.
  6. Why does life need to be justified with a meaning? People might want their lives to have meaning, but this does not mean that they do.
  7. Even if man did not arise by chance, and even if life has some definite meaning, it is not necessarily the meaning you think it is, or the meaning you want it to be. It is impossible for you to deduce the honesty of your deity unless you catch Him in a lie, and if you never do, that might just mean He's a good liar.
  8. By this same train of logic, the cash prize of a lottery is worthless because the winning numbers are chosen at random.
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