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Human footprints have been found with dinosaur tracks at Paluxy

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Human and dinosaur footprints have been found together in the Glen Rose formation at Paluxy River, Texas.



  1. The "human" footprints referred to in the claim, are misidentified specimens of dinosaur footprints which bear a greater or lesser degree of similarity to human footprints. In some cases, Glen Rose residents have been known to artificially enhance particular footprints' similarity to human footprints in order to attract tourists' dollars.
  2. Furthermore, the "human" footprints, misidentified or counterfeit, don't resemble human footprints, either in size, nor shape, in the first place.
  3. It is by far a more parsimonious explanation that these fossils are wrongly identified or are faked rather than the entire fields of paleontology, paleoichnology and anthropology are wrong.
  4. Creationist think-tank Answers in Genesis agrees that this claim is false, and is on their list of arguments that should not be used.


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