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Hugh Ross

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Hugh Ross is a PhD astronomer (from Toronto University) and an Old Earth Creationist. He is a progressive creationist. He regards the Big Bang as the act of divine creation, and the fossil record as indicative of successive creations of species by God. He does not believe in a young earth or in a worldwide flood. His views have come under the most acrimonious fire of Answers in Genesis Ministries, who regard him as a dangerous compromiser with secular science.

Hugh Ross's OEC ministry is called Reasons To Believe.

What Wikipedia doesn't want you to know about Ross

What Wikipedia doesn't want you to know:

Hugh Ross (creationist) likes to give the impression that he has impressive scientific credentials. However, his entire scientific output consists of three co-authored astronomy papers<ref>Ross, Hugh N., and E. R. Seaquist. "The High Frequency Radio Spectra of Secondary Standard Sources." Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 170 (January 1975): pp. 115-119. NASA ADS</ref><ref>Lo, K. Y., R. T. Schilizzi, M. H. Cohen, and H. N. Ross. "VLBI Observations of the Compact Radio Source in the Center of the Galaxy." The Astrophysical Journal 202 (1 December 1975): pp. L63-L65. NASA ADS</ref><ref>Lo, K. Y., M. H. Cohen, R. T. Schilizzi, and H. N. Ross. "An Angular Size for the Compact Radio Source at the Galactic Center." The Astrophysical Journal 218 (15 December 1977): pp. 668-670. NASA ADS</ref>, a singularly authored paper<ref>Ross, Hugh N. "Variable Radio Source Structure on a Scale of Several Minutes of Arc." The Astrophysical Journal 200 (15 September 1975): pp. 790-802. NASA ADS</ref>, all published between 1975 and 1977 plus a 1970 commentary<ref>Ross, Hugh N. "Verification of Radio Variability of the Galaxy PKS 0048-09." Nature 226 (2 May 1970): p. 431. NASA ADS, PubMed</ref> to a paper by M.A. Stull<ref>Stull, M.A., 1970, "PK 0048-09: a possible radio variable galaxy." Nature. 1970 Feb 28;225(5235):832-3. PubMed</ref>.

Currently (October 2007) The Wikipedia article on Hugh Ross (creationist) carries the above information. It is impossible to predict how this will develop.

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