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Hugh Miller (creationist)

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Hugh Miller is a chemist and strict creationst active in the Columbus, Ohio based Creation Research, Science Education Foundation (CRSEF), founded in 1972. He is not to be confused with the famous 19th century old-earth creationist geologist with the same name. Miller and members of CRSEF promote young earth creationism through a variety of activities and projects, with an emphasis in having creationism included in the public school cirriculum. Miller often seems to latch onto sensational claims by individuals considered unreliable even among most creationist grups, such as the assertions by Carl Baugh and Don Patton about supposed human tracks in pre-Cenozoic rocks, and dinosaurs on ancient pottery and rocks. A recent project of Miller and CRSEF dated dinosaur bones and other fossils with carbon 14 dating, in an effort to demonstrate that the dating method is unreliable. This is like trying to weigh trucks and elephants using bathroom scales, watching the springs go flying, recording the diverse weighs yielded, and declaring that the scales must be defective. (C14 dating is only useful and accurate on material younger than about 40,000 years--other radiometric dating methods are used with older material).

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