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The firmament is mentioned in Genesis 1:6-8. The word "firmament" is the translation of Hebrew "raqiya", which comes from a root meaning "to beat a sheet". It signifies a dome of metal (or ice - according to Rashi, Jewish commentator on the Torah), separating the waters above from the waters below. Above the firmament is a great reservoir of water, and above that, the abode of God and His angels. The firmament has holes (windows) that could be opened to let water down, either in the form of ordinary rain, or as a flood, according to God's will.

Not only is the firmament a plain inference from a literal reading of the Bible, but also, it could solve quite a few problems for creationists who believe in the Genesis Flood. Whereas such models as the Vapor canopy and Runaway subduction have insurmountable problems (such as high atmospheric pressure in the case of the Vapour Canopy), the Firmament model is a clean, problem-free solution to the question of where the Flood waters came from.

Alas, the existence of the firmament was conclusively disproved in 1957, when Sputnik, instead of crashing into the solid dome, flew out into space. So that in this area, despite the plain message of the Bible, creationists rather listen to what secular science says than what the Word says.

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