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Evolutionary psychology

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Evolutionary psychology is a rapidly emerging approach to psychology guided by the principles of modern evolutionary biology.

It is not a research method or style of therapy, but an intellectual perspective from which to approach all of psychology. Essentially, under this view, the mind is an integrated collection of adaptive mechanisms, like the organs of the body.

These mechanisms, the different mental faculties that are species-typical in humans, are presumed to be the result of evolution by means of natural selection, especially during the formative years of our species.

Psychology, then, according to this view, is the study of a diverse collection of interacting neurological programs, each of them built to solve problems faced by our ancestors.

Many traditional views of human nature would have us, and especially our minds, above the normal order of nature, or the instinct-based behaviour we see in other animals. It is partly because of these traditions, that this biological approach to psychology is the subject of such controversy.

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