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Evolution of new binding sites

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Notes on the evolution of new/modified binding sites, eventually for an article.




Directed Evolution
Finally, we note that in recent years, "directed evolution" (or in vitro evolution or molecular evolution) has been used to obtain proteins, often enzymes, with modified properties. In brief, this work involves random mutations in DNA followed by a selection process for the best-fitted. Such work has provided new enzymes with altered substrate specificity, specific activity, topology, enantioselectivity, thermal stability, and resistance to organic solvents. There is an extensive literature. To cite two recent papers (2003) in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Williams and coworkers modified the stereochemistry of an aldolase (8) and Leong and co-workers optimized the expression and specific activity of an interleukin, IL-12 (9). We also cite the classic work of Hartley (10), a recent book (11), and a short review (12).
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