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Evolution needs an energy conversion mechanism to utilize energy

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Energy inflow into a system isn't enough to make that energy useful. There must also be an energy conversion mechanism. Without that system, evolution cannot work.



  1. It's true that some mechanism is necessary to convert the incoming energy into a usable form, but this statement is mostly a distraction from the fact that the claim that biological evolution contradicts the second law of thermodynamics has not been amply demonstrated. While the mechanism may not be precisely understood, its existence has not been ruled out, and claiming that this is a failure of evolutionary theory would be premature at best.
  2. While no particular mechanism for converting energy into a usable form may be entirely understood in all details, there's no question that such a mechanism exists. Clearly a local decrease in entropy occurs throughout the life of an individual organism. That organisms grow is not disputed, and growth clearly entails a local decrease in entropy (loosely an increase in order). If life routinely exhibits such behavior over periods of short duration, the notion that it might do so over periods of long duration as well is certainly reasonable.
  3. Life needs an energy conversion mechanism to utilize energy. If this were an argument against evolution, it would also be an argument against the existence of life.
  4. Unless the arguer is proposing that God is the energy conversion mechanism, this argument is utterly a Red Herring. If that is what the arguer is proposing, then "God does it" is not a meaningful explanation.
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