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Evolution is so improbable that it can be considered impossible

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The probability of evolution is extremely low, so low that it is virtually impossible



  1. Huse did not calculate the probability of evolution, but of a human appearing by random chance. His calculations are irrelevant, since natural selection is not applied.
  2. Simply because an event, or a chain of event has an extremely low probability of occurring does not mean that it can not occur. If that were true, then no one would ever have won the lottery, bitten by a shark or be struck by lightning.
  3. Let's say that John and Jane Doe have a son who has a genetic disorder that is so rare, he is only the second person known to have it. There is a treatment that will let him lead a normal life. One could not argue that since it was so rare, the boy did not have the disease and should therefore not be treated.
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