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Evolution is racist

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Evolution promotes racism.



  1. Racism is an ideology of value. It places different value on people of different "race". Some racist ideologies may depend on misinterpretations of Darwinism, and misuse evolution as an explanation for the "superiority" they believe some races to have over others. Their belief, though, is usually held for reasons independent of this explanation, and such explanations never reflect mainstream science.
  2. Evolution is completely devoid of racism; it is apolitical and amoral, a naturalistic process. Likewise, the science of evolutionary biology is an apolitical, amoral description. Since all races are currently surviving and reproducing, they are currently well-suited for survival on this planet. Even if evolution were favoring some races above others, to base one's political or moral stance on this would run the risk of falling foul of the naturalistic fallacy.
  3. How can evolution and mainstream biology be racist if it does not even consider "race" a valid biological classification? Modern genetic analysis has shown that the vast majority of variation between humans correlates little, if at all, with racial boundaries.
  4. There is a major historical fact that greatly impacts this discussion. "Scientific racism" emerged about the same time that Darwin published The Origin of Species, however, this was due to the growing racial tensions in America leading up to the Civil War, and "scientific racism" preceded "The Origin of Species" by several years. The "scientific racists" were creationists, who argued that blacks and "Indians" were inferior in order to justify slavery and the extermination of natives. If one simply looks at history, however, "scientific racism" appears to emerge at the same time as "The Origin of Species", but really "scientific racism" emerged about 10 years before "Origin" and it became prominent just prior to and after the Civil War due to race issues in the American South. It was also embraced in order to justify the exploitation and extermination of the Native Americans, and to justify extermination of the Aborigines in Australia and Tasmania, and to justify European colonialism. Darwin was opposed to all of these things.
  5. The vast majority of racist people are racist for reasons besides evolutionary biology. In fact, the vast majority of racist groups in the United States (including the KKK) are explicitly creationist and subscribe to Christian fundamentalism and a literal interpretation of the Bible. Using Morris' logic, creationism is the cause of racism. Even Hitler and his associates quoted from the Bible in their claim that the Jewish race was responsible for the death of Jesus, citing the passage: "Let his blood be on us and our children!".
  6. So-called "scientific creationism" preceded Darwin's theory of evolution, and it was the "scientific creationist" that actually introduced "racism" into the field of biology, not Darwin or the theory of evolution. Darwin actually refuted the claims of the creationist racists.
  7. Exactly how can the description of trends and changes that occur in the lineage of organisms, such as trilobites, snails, pigs, orchids, or chickens be thought of as being "racist?"
  8. The article on race from CreationWiki claims that Evolution is itself a justification for racism and slavery, and originally conceived as an excuse to claim that those of caucasian origins were the 'pinnacle' of Evolution; it goes on to claim that "Modern evolutionists deny that evolution supports racism, but this is more because racist ideas have become politically incorrect than because they cannot be derived from evolutionary theory.". This argument fails in various ways.
    1. Firstly, evolutionary theory was originally compounded around animals rather than humans, most obviously because of the shocked reaction that would inevitably follow the idea of man's evolution in Victorian society.
    2. Secondly, the original theorists of evolution such as Darwin, Huxley and Wallace are more remembered for their works to naturalism than some unsupported claims of racism; those theorists who actually focused on distinguishing between races, such as Francis Galton, are the only ones remembered for their prejudiced views.
    3. Thirdly, the claim that white people were the 'pinnacle' of evolution goes against the very theory of evolution itself, where a life-form is never the 'perfect' life-form except in terms of the environment and environmental conditions it is adapted to; only a raving idiot would think that calling a certain race the "the pinnacle of evolutionary development", as CreationWiki does, was at all scientific.
    4. Fourthly, the claim that evolution no longer supports racism because racism is politically incorrect can be more strongly applied to religion, particularly christianity: the majority of Bible passages concerning the Christian-Judaic God's penchant for mass genocide and referral to other races as inferior are omitted or ignored.
    5. Lastly, the CreationWiki article discriminates against all supporters of evolutionary theory as racists; is not this in itself an example of misguided prejudice towards a minority? It would probably cause confusion or anger to supporters of evolution who are themselves not caucasian...
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