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Duane Gish

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Duane Gish is a Young Earth Creationist and is the vice president of the Institute for Creation Research. Gish has a Ph.D in Biochemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. Gish has written a number of books and articles promoting creation science.

He is a master of the "Gish Gallop", a rhetorical technique where one throws out lots of assertions without any support. In a timed, live debate this overwhelms his opponents, who often spend most of their time trying to rebut them. Gish has also been repeatedly accused of quote-mining, with examples given from several of his books and debates. Some examples are given in, among other places, the debate between Dr. Gish and Dr. Kenneth Saladin.

Gish also seems remarkably resistant to criticism, seldom revising his claims no matter how often their errors are pointed out to him. In particular, he has claimed that several species, like the bullfrog, chicken, butterbean, etc. have proteins that are closer in sequence to their human counterparts than the corresponding chimp proteins. However, despite being a biochemist, he has consistently failed to reveal any details.

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