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Dmitri Kouznetsov

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Dimitri A. Kouznetsov, born in 1955, worked as a Russian biologist in Moscow until 1989. He is a creationist since 1983. In 1989 he published a paper in International Journal of Neuroscience apparently containing experimental support for creationists' theses. An inspection of this paper by the biologist Dan Larhammar in 1994 and later by G. M. Rinaldi showed serious flaws in the paper and that many of the references given in this paper are simply nonexistent. This findings ruined Kouznetsov's scientific reputation and even the creationists who had strongly supported until then dissociated from him.

From 1995 on, Kouznetsov published papers in Sindonology. Sindonology is the science (pseudoscience) of the Shroud of Turin. In his papers he reported experimental results apparently leading to the conclusion that the radiocarbon dating of the Shroud is invalid. This radiocarbon dating was done in 1988 and proved the Shroud to be a medieval fake, which is in accord with a medieval source. Again an inspection of his papers, this time by G. M. Rinaldi, showed nonexistent references, nonexistent authors, and many other flaws and inconsistencies. Even museums purported to be the sources of the samples for his experiments are apparently nonexistent. The result of Rinaldi's investigations is that Kouznetsov's papers are scientifically worthless and the experiments are probably nothing more than a fabrication.

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