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Darwin recanted on his death bed

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Charles Darwin renounced evolution on his deathbed.


  1. This claim is false. It was fabricated by a devout person named Lady Hope, and those Creationists who propagate this claim are apparently unaware of, or unconcerned with, the fact that Darwin's children (who were uniquely in a position to know) have affirmed that Lady Hope's story is false in all particulars.
  2. Even if this claim were 100% true (instead of being 100% false), it wouldn't matter. The theory of evolution is not accepted by real scientists because Darwin said it; rather, the theory of evolution is accepted by real scientists because it explains the data better than any other theory which has yet come to light.
  3. Creationist think-tank Answers in Genesis agrees that this claim is likely false, and is first on their list of arguments that should not be used.

Fallacies contained in this claim

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  2. Yates, Simon, 1994. The Lady Hope story. [2]

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