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Darwin's work refers to preservation of favoured races

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The subtitle of Darwin's Origin of Species refers to "the preservation of favoured races," showing the racist nature of Darwin's ideas.



  1. "Race" to a 19th century naturalist simply meant distinct populations within a specific species, not necessarily human races. Indeed, human races, nor even human evolution are not discussed at all in Darwin's first book on evolution. And as such, given as how the "races" mentioned in Darwin's book included various pigeon and pig breeds, as well as certain mollusks, any claim that suggests that Darwin was "racist" is totally absurd.
  2. Whoever makes or uses this claim has never so much as read any of Darwin's works, especially since "On the Origin of Species" never discusses human evolution in the first place.
  3. "Race," ala "racial variant," is still used by modern-day biologists to refer to different populations within species, with no racist connotations, in fact.
  4. "The Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life" is the subtitle of Darwin's Origin of Species. It can be taken to mean the same thing as the later phrase "survival of the fittest" which was not coined by Darwin. The phrase illustrates a consequence of, not a basis for, evolution.
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