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Books: Paleontology

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Influential popular work, which presented the first synthesis of the renaissance in dinosaur paleontology in the 1970s, to the lay reader.
The successor of A. S. Romer's tome, this work is a masterly review of the paleobiology and phylogeny of vertebrates, although it is rather dated in some aspects (particularly archosaur phylogenetics).
Chatterjee's review of avian phylogeny is a truly gorgeous work, well researched, but its principal aim is the defense of Protoavis, claims to the contrary notwithstanding.
A lucid, though dated, popular work on avian phylogenetics and theropod origins.
Masterly tome on the osteology and systematics of Dinosauria, though it is now rather dated. Nevertheless, it serves as a crucial work on the matter.
The principal work detailing and defending the "thecodont" ancestry of birds, and Feduccia's opus magnum.
Immortal tome in the field of avian phylogenetics.
The most famed book ever written on the science of avian phylogenetics, it presented the first coherent "thecodont" hypothesis, and was canon until the late 1960s. It remains an immortal classic.
The monograph which is arguably responsible for the revolution in dinosaur paleontology, that occurred during the 1970s.
Superb review of the theropod origin of birds, and critique of the "thecodont" hypothesis.
An excellent popular work on avian phylogenetics.
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