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Books: General evolution

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EvoWiki Resources: Books
About Evolution: General evolution - Paleontology - Genetics - Evolutionary Psychology
About the debate - Creationist books

An introduction to Natural Selection, but pre-genetics, and thus little on variation.
A good intro to Evolution with no need for anything beyond high school knowledge of Biology, includes arguments against creationism and ID.
Explains why everything in Biology makes sense when viewed in evolutionary terms.
Good for those who know absolutely nothing about Evolution.
Good for complete history of life, plus many explanations of techniques used in evolutionary research
An up to date introduction to Evolution, and why the anti-evolutionists are wrong.
A short, easy to read account of Eldredge's principle views on evolutionary biology.
Gould's opus, and last publication before his death. Criticised by some for being verbose and difficult to read.
A general introduction to evolution
A lively and very accessable introduction to modern evolutionary biology.
Covers all sorts, with genetics and evolutionary psychology featuring prominantly.
An introduction to the "nature-nurture debate", and why the whole thing may be bunk.
A collection of must-read papers from Trivers, including those on parental investment, sibling conflict, etc.
A classic of 20th century evolutionary biology, Williams clairifies adaptation as a concept (including its application), and presents a devastating critique of group selection.
The history of the theory of evolution covering Darwin's original ideas and modern theories.
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