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Bible says the sun goes around the earth

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The earth is fixed at (or near) the center of the universe. The sun and other planets travel around it. That is what the Bible plainly says [Ps. 93:1, Ps. 19:1-6, Joshua 10:12-14] and what the evidence indicates.



  1. This argument opens the accuracy of the Bible up to question just as much as it questions modern astronomy and physics. To those who hold reason and the scientific method to be more powerful explanatory tools than faith and divine revelation, this claim would be interpreted as an example of the fallability of the Bible.
  2. It is not true: in these bible passages (Ps. 93:1, Ps. 19:1-6, Joshua 10:12-14) it is said that the sun turns around the earth. It speaks about the sun stopping, and things going from place to place in the sky, and some world being fixed, but not that explicit as "the sun going around the earth".
  3. Descriptions of the sun rising and setting are relative to a point on the earth. Every newspaper refers daily to sunrise and sunset.
  4. In the old days the Bible was an argument used by the Church to believe that the Sun was going around the Earth; the Church even punished people who claimed otherwise (such as Galileo and Giordano Bruno).

Fallacies contained in this claim


  1. Herrick, Samuel, 1935. Tables for the reduction of radial velocities to the Sun. Lick Observatory Bulletin 470, Berkeley: University of California Press, pp. 85-90.

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