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Scientists' conclusions are motivated by money

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The conclusions of scientists are motivated by scientists' pay; they cannot be considered objective. Scientists do see the evidence for creation but financial considerations force them to look the other way.



  1. Anyone can be motivated by money - including a Creationist. Evidence for fraudulent behavior needs to be presented if there are accusations.
  2. If one considers non-scientific motivations for accepting or rejecting a theory, Creationists have the strongest possible non-scientific motivation for rejecting evolution: They believe it is a tool of Satan which helps send people to Hell. Can any human be expected to give a thoughtful, dispassionate evaluation of a tool of Satan?
  3. Doctors are paid to treat patients. Does that mean they would diagnose a healthy man sick in order to extort a greater profit?
  4. If one considers the average salary of any given scientific field, one would either laugh or weep that people could think this is true.
  5. Yes, many scientists appreciate being paid for doing their research, if only because they need money to pay for food, and shelter.
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