Somnium Tokens And Their Use in Future Applications

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Somnium aims to make blockchain technology accessible to average web users through blockchain applications. These blockchain apps will make up the Somnium platform, which will allow users to create and engage with a smart contract via a simple and intuitive web interface.

Using interactive intelligent contracts to create accessible blockchain applications to solve real-world DeFi issues. The Somnium auto-balance release-wise agreements will provide a novel approach to ensuring multi-party DeFi transactions.

How does it work?

The Somnium coin gets created with care to be a simple, fair, and decentralized token that operates on a transparent platform. Furthermore, the Somnium token gets established for usage with interesting future apps that may run on the Somnium platform.


What exactly is Somnium’s token?

Somnium’s native cryptocurrency token. It’s an ERC20 token that acts as in-game currency, allowing players to trade with one another more easily. Users may also pay for access to interactive arcades and amusement parks on their virtual property holdings with somnium tokens.

Users may now use somnium tokens to buy NFT avatars. Token may get used for various transactions, including land leases, purchases, and sales. There are a total of 100 million somnium tokens in circulation.


Power of the Somnium

Our Somnium token will be necessary to use our DeFi blockchain applications and allow users to utilize the Somnium platform’s capabilities.


The contract has confirmed, and the source code has been made available.

  • There are no development wallets.
  • For the past three years, LP has been committed to TrustSwap.
  • Verification of locked LP is possible.
  • Ownership of the contract has to get relinquished.


Somnium is a ‘fair launch’ coin that does not have any developer tokens and does not have a pre-sale. There are no marketing or developer wallets, meaning that anybody may purchase Somnium.

Simple and tax-free

We’ve taken what we’ve learned from tokens with too-sophisticated tokenomics and produced a yet safe utility token that’s straightforward to comprehend for users. Because there are no taxes, you get all of the Somnium you purchase.


There are no burns.

Somnium cannot be roasted or minted in any way. That is to say, the total number of tokens in circulation will never change. Under the concept of decentralization, the development team cannot impact the value via burning coins.



Artificial and imbalanced liquidity pool (LP) additions – may have a detrimental influence on a token’s market stability. Somnium does not employ an auto-liquidity function and instead avoids intentionally engaging with the LP in any manner, keeping with Somnium’s values.


Transparency and fairness

Somnium is a ‘fair launch’ token, with no developer tokens, no pre-sale, no ‘airdrops,’ and no early investor or developer benefits like fee exemption. Everyone has an equal opportunity to purchase Somnium.


  • Source code for a verified smart contract is available on GitHub.
  • There is no allocation of a team or developer.
  • The total number of Somnium tokens will always be 100,000,000.
  • Because the contract’s ownership has got abandoned, no one can amend it.
  • BscScan or BscCheck can be used to verify renounced ownership.

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